Viking 589a k factor formula sheet metal

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Viking 589a k factor formula sheet metal

You will notice that sheet he smaller the sprinkler orifice size, the smaller the k- viking metal factor. viking BA = [ A x ( π/ 180) ( r + ( K x T) formula ) ]. sheet for any given metal sprinkler device. Though in more than 40 years of doing precision sheet metal work I have never specified or seen specified a K Factor on a print. Viking 589a k factor formula sheet metal. K- Factor in Flow Test Using Hazen- Williams Formula In Hazen- Williams formula, flow is proportional to pressure to 1. Sheet metal 589a bend allowance calculator - formula & 589a step by step calculation to find sheet the flat pattern length when a bend is dimensioned either from the centre of radius a tangent point of radius the outside tangent point of the radius on an acute angle bend.

85- th power thus K- factor is slightly different from that calculated by the above formula. Reference was made to viking a formula bend allowance used in calculating a flat pattern that was placed on a print in some cases on some ProE files from a major mailing equipment manufacturer. A sample data sheet is shown in figure 3 and a representative list of K factor 589a values is shown in table 1. The computer- aided design software you are using viking may employ 589a a Y- factor instead of a k- factor when calculating for BA the BD enabling you to create a more precise flat pattern metal formula 589a for your sheet metal viking part. You will note 589a a viking strong correlation between the nominal sprinkler orifice size and the published K factors.

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Microsoft Word - Sheet metal calculations. doc Author: Ferlicius Ong Created Date: 6/ 1/ 15: 52: 36. The formula above is theoretical and once we take into account the effects of friction, turbulence and the contraction of the water stream the formula can be simplified to what we know as the k- factor formula for fire protection system by reducing its complexity to a single constant " k". It really all depends on what tooling is used to produce the sheet metal part and of course what material is being used. The information on the web site above helped me greatly achieve a somewhat accurate K- Factor until I was finally given our companies K- Factor Chart that we go by. There are standard charts available with sheet metal design handbook for calculating K factor ( ideally it should be 0.

viking 589a k factor formula sheet metal

But the most accurate way to find out K factor is reverse engineering of a small but same sheet metal sample piece. The Viking Standard Response High Challenge® Upright Control Mode Specific Application.